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summer 2017 to do list

summer 2017 to do list

Photo from this post last summer

Well it's the eve of Memorial Day Weekend which means it's that time of year again- I take a serious look at the summer months and set some rigorous goals for myself. Hoping to achieve them all, but who knows! I tend to get sidetracked by sunshine, food, and fun from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Wish me luck! 😜

1. Get a tan β˜€οΈ (I would describe my current skin tone as deeply pale).

2. Try that fried chicken thing again πŸ” (God bless my family and friends who have to suffer through more failed attempts at this) Imma get it some day!

3. Keep up a consistent workout routine πŸ’ͺ (I outlined my current one here) but hoping to add a little something extra this summer ✨

4. Learn at least one new wakeboard trick 🌊 (remember my cute lil bunny hops 🐰 from last summer? LOL!)

5. Read plenty πŸ“š (I've been SO bad about reading. There is just something about the Midwest that makes me intellectually lazy (sorry, Ohio - I don't think it's you? I think it's me? (but probably not)))

6. Make some updates to my apartment πŸ’— (specifically my living room - I swear you'd walk into it and think I was 22! Where is the furniture? Why is it so empty? Why is the couch on an angle? No, this is a serious and common and legitimate question I get asked).

7. Improve my tennis serve 🎾 It legit sucks - we call it the rainbow 🌈 because it's a really high arch and really friendly and everyone is always happy to see it. 

8. Learn a couple new cocktail recipes 🍹 I'm a big fan of Southern Living as exhibited here, here, here, and they have some fancy, fun looking cocktails for the summer (just check their IG). And I would love to be able to offer something to guests other than beer or milk πŸ˜‚

9. Take photos in new locations around Cincinnati πŸ“Έ We do our best to mix it up but definitely have our favorites (Mariemont: here, here, here // The Banks: here, here, here // Anderson: here, here, here)

10. Learn to curl my hair πŸ’ It's a constant struggle but my hair dresser suggested this curling iron (that has actually been on my wish list for awhile) Thinking about pulling the trigger and learning how to do the damn thing 😬

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black crop top

black crop top

hi, doll πŸ’™πŸ˜˜

hi, doll πŸ’™πŸ˜˜