🎢 song of the week 🎢

If you're a country music fan, chances are you've been hearing a lot of this song lately. I heard it for the first time over the weekend thanks to an Indiana country station (Indiana just does it better, y'all), and I kept hearing it on the radio the rest of the weekend. But I don't mind, because this one is a good one. My heart just melts. πŸ’™ 

in stitches

Stitchfix Sweater, Everlane T-shirt (previously here), Old Navy Jeans (previously here), Karen Walker Sunglasses, Steve Madden Moccasins, MAC Lipstick in Brave

How perfect is this cardigan? I tried Stitchfix for the first time a few weeks ago and was really surprised by the quality. This sweater is heavy and just feels really nice. Overall, I feel I have a ways to go with Stitchfix (I'd originally asked for no work clothes and every piece but this sweater was most definitely office approved (and I work in a super conservative environment)). But I'm excited to try again in a few months with another shipment. There is definitely a thrill to a box showing up at your apt and not really knowing what's in it. If I can put it into words I'd say it's kinda like go shawty it's ya birthday we gonna party like it's ya birthday

from the books :: the grownup

You like ghost stories? Um, yes, especially around Halloween. Guys, this is the perfect book to read right now. Gillian does creepy so well, and I curled up with this book on a Sunday morning with a chai tea latte and got real spooked. It's a short story, so you can gobble it up quick and get your Flynn fix. I loved this book- just what you'd expect: goosebumps, twists and turns, and an ending that makes you go πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”.

Favorite Quote:

She was clearly rich. Her handbag was too plain to be anything but incredibly expensive.

Why You Should Read It:

The perfect short story for the season. Pick it up this week and read it before Halloweenie!

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Miss Selfridge Dress via Von Maur (previously here), Zara Blanket Scarf (previously here), Ray-Bans, Marc Jacobs Bag, Zara Shoes (previously here), Lips - MAC Lipstick in Brave layered with Buxom Lipstick in Brooklyn

I have a real outfit conundrum here. A mini dress with a giant blanket scarf doesn't seem like it should work, but this perfect October weather accommodates it. I was quite comfortable walking around one of Cincinnati's cutest lil hoods in this outfit. Cozy and cool all at the same time.