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back to monday

back to monday

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Monday, Monday - you're back againIt always seems like the weekend is so short and that first day back into the work week can feel so daunting sometimes. I can Sunday Blues with the best of them, but I've definitely fine tuned my Sunday evening routine to help lessen the scaries a bit. I wanted to share some of the things I do to prep for the work week ahead and make sure I have the most productive week possible.

1. Update my calendar: I am an iCal freak, and although my weeks typically look more or less the same, I like to take a look at my calendar and make sure it's completely up-to-date. I color code everything (like I said, I'm a freak) so I know at a glance what I have going on from work to the blog to appointments and reminders. It helps me to visualize a productive week when I see it laid out in front of me. 

2. Clean up my emails: I never, ever check my work emails outside my normal work hours, but it does help me feel prepared for my 9 to 5 when I clean up my personal email account, as well as Gilt Edge's email account, on Sunday nights. I feel a little less anxiety when I only have to tackle one inbox on Monday morning (and setting this precedent early on in my normal job has helped me maintain a good work-life balance). 

3. Bathtime: I love baths, and I find it's the most effective way to help myself relax. The combination of warm water, bedtime bubble bath, music , a book, and a soothing beverage (sometimes tea but honestly more often than not it's a glass of wine) puts me in a state of calm. 

4. Face Mask: I like to do a little pampering on Sunday nights so I usually do some sort of face mask (usually my favorite GlamGlow). Focusing on myself helps me to forget anything that may be stressing me out for the next day.

5. TV: Before bed I always watch a little mindless TV. I like to watch something a little lighter and mindless that I can easily fall asleep to. 

What are your Sunday evening routines??

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