a few favorites

Happy Thursday! Just a few things I am lurving lately. 

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I started dry brushing a few months ago. I'd been hearing about it for years, and it was always on my beauty radar but I just never took the time to click, click, add to cart on Amazon. But I'm so glad I finally did! I looooooove dry brushing! The bristles are pretty coarse so it really exfoliates. I do it before I shower every morning, and my skin feels super soft. You're supposed to start at your feet and always brush toward your heart. It is supposed to help detox the body, firm things up, minimize cellulite, and boost circulation. I can't necessarily speak for all that, but it feels so nice that I'll keep doing it and hope the other benefits happen as well.

My brush here.

Raise your hand if you would rather do anything, literally anything, than wash your makeup brushes πŸ™‹πŸΌ I don't know why this chore feels so annoying but it does. Once a week is all they need, and I dread it. But I recently got this $6 pore cleansing pad from Sephora, and I use it to scrub my brushes with just a bit of baby wash (Elise, a fellow Thread gal, suggested this in one of her InstaStories). Cleaning brushes is so much more satisfying. They get so clean!

Spring! I mean it's here, no doubt, finally. I took the above photo yesterday at Smale Riverfront Park. Such a beautiful day. I never get tired of beautiful weather. But who does??

This show has been on my radar ever since Selena Gomez posted about it on her Instagram back in January (she is an executive producer on the series). I've never read the book, but I guess it has a bit of a cult following. The series came out a few weeks ago, and it has been so good so far. We're about 5 episodes in (I know we're slow, but I guess I'm busy??) and it's just so emotional and heartbreaking and real. I would recommend. πŸ‘