february beauty empties

I decided to start saving my beauty empties each month after being inspired by my favorite YouTuber, Ingrid (her video here). And after I'd started to save my (trash, essentially ๐Ÿ˜‚), a blogger pal from Thread, Preeti, did a post on her recent empties (here). So I'm officially jumping on the bandwagon. These are the products I finished off in February.

1. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap: I started using this product in my early 20's. It was a time when I'd graduated from the Proactiv years (thank goodness), but didn't know what "adults" used. All of the drugstore products didn't seem to do anything for my skin- they actually kind of hurt it. My sister suggested the entire Clinique skincare system, and my skin was literally GLOWING in the beginning. The products have lost a bit of that initial luster (it's like my skin got used to it or something), but the face wash is something I always come back to. Good to my dry skin and keeps breakouts at bay.

2. Suave Kids Detangler Spray: I've been using this detangler since my college years (my roommates were literally obsessed with apple scent, so it was hilarious to tell them it was a kid product). My hair gets super tangly, because it's thick and unruly, so I like to douse it in detangler. This stuff is cheap, so I can really load up after each wash, and it helps my Wet Brush glide through my hair.

3. Glamglow Thirstymud: I've actually reviewed this product before (here), and it continues to be one of my favorites. Super hydrating, great tingly feeling, and in general, I love this product line (see an additional post here). I polished off this mini size this month, so will be re-upping with a full size.

4. Up & Up Shave Gel: No shame in my generics game. I like my shaving creams to be gel formulas and don't mind purchasing Target's generic brand to save some cash. Good lather, rarely knick myself when using this stuff.

5. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion: This was my "desk lotion" for quite a long time. You know- the lotion you keep on your desk at work so you have something to remoisturize with after using the awful office bathroom soap. These are real girl pitfalls. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Aveeno is fine, but I honestly hate the smell. I'd rather smell like flowers than a bowl of oatmeal. I likely bought this because it was on sale, and I've replaced it with one of my favorite products EVER. Bold statement, but it's been an incredible hand cream - review to come next month I'm sure (because I am plowing through it).

Let me know what you think of the empties post and if you want to see it again next month!