a few favorites

Sharing a few of my favorites in today's post! Check out previous favorites here and here.

Lush Hair Treatment

I bought this hair treatment from Lush last summer and put it in a drawer in my bathroom and kinda forgot about it. But I rediscovered it this week and decided to give it a try (winter may be a better time for it anyhow (hello, dry hair and skin 😩)). I snapped a photo of it just in case I liked it and wanted to share. And I will say I loved the process, but the results were just basic. You slowly melt this by stirring it with the stick in boiling water. It takes about 5 minutes to fully melt, and it was weirdly satisfying and calming. It makes a ton though, like way too much for my hair (and I have a lot of hair). So I used about half of it. I really scrubbed my hair in the shower but still did three washes before I thought my hair didn't look heavy anymore. Overall, I think it's good to do oil treatments, and this is a decent option. 

Starbucks Mug

Leave it to me to have some intense opinions on making coffee at home (don't even get me started on Dunkin' vs Starbucks - it's an intense and involved theory on things). But I have a true pet peeve with cold milk in my coffee. I hate it. It takes the temperature of my hot coffee down like 20 degrees (exaggerations, people). So I solved the problem with a milk frother. It heats up my milk quickly and the froth makes it feel a bit gourmet- not just your standard, at-home misto. 

Light Box

One day I went a little Ban.do crazy- not terrible, but also not needed. I got this light box, these two pins, and this keychain because I'm insane. But I've really loved it all, especially the light box. It's just fun, and I love coming up with silly sayings to put on it (like here, here). I'm a huge fan of pop culture so I like to incorporate it when I can (my current saying is a line from a Nicki Minaj song). My only gripe is I would LOVE more letters. Like the saying "Pumpkin Spice for Lyfe" is not possible because there aren't enough P's, and it basically ruined my fall season. (JK - my fall was great).

The new Kehlani album, SweetSexySavage, is SO good. I've listened to it so many times, I've lost count. They slowly released this on Apple Music (I listened to the same 3 songs for weeks, I swear). Not sure the reasoning for this- I didn't follow the actual release that closely. But I am so happy it's out in it's entirety, because it's seriously insane. She's so talented and only 21. Like whaaaaaat?!