givin' lip

Back at the beginning of the summer when I went into explicit detail about my favorite lip combo, I completely omitted my first step to all my lip combos- exfoliation. The worst thing on the planet is taking the time to do a perfect lip only to realize that your lips are kinda flakey (gross, so gross). The best way to combat the dreaded dry lip is to exfoliate, and I recently discovered this lip scrub (through Ingrid Nilsen - good god she's cool) and it's great. My main problem is that most lip scrubs are SO expensive. Why? Why, Sephora? It's literally sugar. But this one rings in at just $10.95 (not that you won't walk out of Lush with 10 bath bombs, 12 bath oils, and a handful of hair treatments, but hey, your intentions were good). 

Onto how I use this puppy. After I rinse and moisturize my face, but before I start my makeup, I'll take a lil bitty scoop of this and rub it on my lips. It's gritty to the point where it's gonna smooth out your pout but gentle enough where it won't irritate. Then I lick it off. Literally LICK it off. The directions say to do this, and it's probably my favorite part. It's a minty, chocolatey flavor and after my morning coffee, I'd say it's the best way to start the day. Then I swipe on a healthy layer of Vaseline and do my makeup. Once I've completed my makeup, I wipe off the Vaseline and apply my lip color du jour to some silky smooth lips. πŸ‘„