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When I first started reading The Rocks, Mallorca sounded so familiar to me, and then I realized I'd read two other books a few years ago that also took place there (The Vacationers and The Lemon Grove - I would recommend both). Coincidentally enough, they were all published within the same year, which I believe makes it the most popular vacation destination for fictional characters at that time (and also makes me want to visit Mallorca badly - it just sounds heavenly). Outside of the dreamy vacation setting, I disliked this book. Whenever I felt like it was getting interesting it would slow wayyyyyy down, and I'd get bored again. 

Favorite Quote:

He missed all the children she had once been - the eighteen-month-old, the three-year-old, the five-year-old, the smallness of her then, the whole weight of her against his shoulder when she was asleep - and he could only bear it because she grew into something more precious and extraordinary, more a necessary part of him, with the passage of time.

I found this quote to be such an interesting and understandable perspective of being a parent (not that I know from experience- ha!).

Why You Should Read It:

It's somewhat interesting that the book moves backward through time, so maybe adds a different element that other stories don't have (but honestly I thought it made it harder to connect with the characters because of this). Wow - hard sell on this one, guys! Haha!

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🎢 song of the week 🎢

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