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my favorite lip combo

I love lipstick. No, I lurve lipstick. Like it's serious. Back in my college days I literally never wore it, which now seems insane to me. I have a really solid collection at this point but mainly rotate between a few tried and trues for my day to day. This combo is my absolute favorite - it's perfectly pink and the lipgloss finish makes my lips look full.

1. MAC Lipliner in Hip 'N' Happy: I got this pencil at the MAC counter at Bloomingdale's a few years ago, and it is my go-to pink lipliner. I will literally be forever indebted to the salesgirl who helped me that day - wherever you are, thank you! I outline my lips slightly outside my lip line (I don't want to look crazy, but let's face it, they need some help sometimes). And then I fill in my entire lip with the pencil. This provides a little bit of a solid base for even color, and I think it helps the lipstick, well, stick. 

2. MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup: I then do a couple swipes with this perfectly pink lipstick (not too bright, not too pink, literally just right). Occasionally, if I'm looking for a little bit brighter lip, I'll sub in MAC in Overtime but I kind of think it's discontinued?!? Which is sad, because it's also great. 

3. NARS Lipgloss in Turkish Delight: This lipgloss was on my beauty wish list (literally a mile long list in my notes app - like you can scroll forever on this thing) for so long before I actually purchased it. I'd first read that Kim Kardashian loves it (πŸ™ˆ I know, but seriously she knows what she is doing). I wish I hadn't waited so long to buy it. It's amazing. I just swipe it on top of everything, and it makes my lips look a little plump and super finished. 

And that's my favorite lip combo. I wear it for everything - work, brunch, going out - you name it. See here, here, here for a few times I've worn it on the blog! 

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