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3b | beauty beyond borders

3b | beauty beyond borders

Guys, I love a good beauty subscription. And this one is so good. I have a serious fascination with Asian skincare products - I watch a lot of YouTube videos and add a lot to my wish list on Amazon when I read about them, but it's always hard to make a commitment because they aren't always easily accessible. Beauty Beyond Borders solves that by making Asian skincare readily available and easy to use and understand every month. 

They recently sent me a box chock full of goodies, which obviously got this product junkie giddy. I couldn't wait to dive in! 3b walks you through it all with descriptions and instructions for each product which was so helpful since most of the labels are not in English.  

A few of my favorite products with reviews below! Thank you 3b- I love loved this!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

all clean balm | heimish

I loved this product. I'd never tried a cleansing balm before, and let me tell you, it is a treat. It starts as a solid and as you massage it onto your face it converts into a moisturizing, soothing oil that removes all the makeup and dirt from the day. It's probably the most luxurious way to remove your makeup- I'd highly recommend. Simply rinse with water, and you're ready for the rest of your nightly skincare routine. 

aloe vera moisture real soothing gel | welcos kwailnara

This was surprisingly my favorite product (so thanks for including the full size, 3b!) Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night or early in the morning before my alarm goes off and my skin feels really dry and uncomfortable. I started using this aloe vera gel whenever I wake up feeling a bit parched. It's cooling and soothing and moisturizing and somehow helps me to fall back asleep quicker. Really, really loving this product. 

honey cera eye serum | etude house

I adore an eye serum. I need something on my eyes in the morning before my makeup and a ton at night before bed. And lately I've been switching from creams to serums, and this one really hit the spot (as my sister would say). It just felt good and kept my peepers moisturized. 

honey cera cream | etude house

I'm doubling up here since these are from the same product line. This honey cera cream looked pretty. Honestly, it had this really subtle golden sheen to it that just made me excited to apply it. It was thick and creamy and kept my skin happy. 

goodal lotus water cleansing tissue

Ok, first, I love that they refer to these as cleansing tissues rather than makeup remover towelettes or something lame. Like I will definitely end my day with a cleansing tissue. That just sounds like an experience. And these kind of are, honestly. You have to remove your makeup at night, so do it with something that smells fresh and clean (and frankly does a much better job than drugstore brand makeup removers).

🎢 song of the week 🎢

🎢 song of the week 🎢

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bomber jacket