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enjoy with a book :: capri blue candle

Candle via Anthropologie, Flowers via Trader Joe's, Print via Etsy

Scent can evoke such strong memories and emotions, so I often love to burn a candle while I read a book that I am really enjoying. Often times, the scent will take me back to the book long after I have finished it. I love all candles really (I think they make the best gifts), but I adore the Capri Blue candles from Anthropologie. My favorite scent is Volcano, which a friend turned me onto years ago. I like the mini candles because they're not so heavy, so I'm more likely to move it from room to room and the burn time is still 25 hours. Do you have a favorite candle?

Sidenote- I decided to rename my series "Things That Go Well with Books" to "Enjoy with a Book". TTGWWB was just too long of a title! :)

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