things that go well with books: reading in bed

Uploaded from my Pinterest

Did you know there was an actual word for someone who reads in bed?  I had no idea until I saw the above picture on Pinterest, and I thought it was so cute!  I've officially added librocubicularist to my vocabulary! Haha!  

I do most of my reading on the train, but always love a good Sunday morning cuddled in bed with a coffee, my cat, and a good book.  Below are just a few things that I think make reading in bed a relaxing experience. 

1.  A delicious cup of coffee in a mug from your favorite bookstore. 

2.  Luxe, fluffy pillows - I personally love Marriott pillows. 

3.  A cozy, cable knit throw.    

4.  Cute and fun pajamas (I'll take that hat too!)

5.  Your favorite book (my personal favorite is any of the Anne of Green Gables).