a book for parker | when i wake up

Board Book // J.Crew T-Shirt, Madewell Overalls

When Joanna Liu reached out to me asking if she could gift her book, When I Wake Up, to my little nephew, Parker, describing it as Kate Spade-like - quirky, colorful, and sophisticated - I thought "ummm yes, please! This sounds right up my alley, as well as Parker's!" Haha! Parker loves to read- it's probably one of his favorite things, and this book has found a permanent space in his little library. Since receiving it, he requests it and asks to have it read to him 4 or 5 times in a row.

Joanna is a philosophy major and designed the book as a sleep aid for her own daughter. The story and pictures promise fun things to look forward to tomorrow after a good night's sleep. The pictures are so fun and colorful, and Parker has had so much fun pointing out the things he loves. 

Including baking a cake, so as the exceptional aunt I am, I obliged. Scroll for more!

White T-Shirt

We did a very loose (and baby approved) version of this Southern Living recipe. We took a basic white cake mix and substituted whole milk for water and added two teaspoons of vanilla extract. Then we took three crazy colors of vanilla frosting to make our cake as colorful as the illustrations in When I Wake Up. It was a really fun and easy activity to do, and the cake was Parker approved. 👍

Thank you, Joanna, for the beautiful book. It has found a place on our bookshelf and in our hearts. ❤️

If you are interested in this whimsical little book, you can find it here