hiking in the burbs

Patagonia Vest, Patagonia Shirt, Zella Leggings, Nike Shoes (previously here)

This is my serious hiking outfit, and my serious hikes include walks in central, suburban Indiana. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Typically, I like a McDonald's Diet Coke in hand, but I was getting real about this hike (side note: hiking is just walking).

Ok, a few notes on the clothes - 1. Patagonia does puffer vests so well. They're really fitted which keeps them feminine. 2. I love Zella leggings (here, here, here) and recently added these high waist ones to my wardrobe which I have been lurrrrving. 

Today is my Monday after a long holiday break, so I am bluesing hard! Send positive vibes (and vats of coffee)