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what's in my bag

what's in my bag

Longchamp Bag, Michael Kors Wallet, Book

Hi, guys! This is going to be a fairly wordy post, because I keep a ton of stuff in my bag on a regular basis! Haha! But I always love seeing what other ladies carry in their bags so thought I would share mine. 

First off, I carry a Longchamp most days. Although I don't consider it my cutest bag, I think it's the best "commuting" bag out there. It's really high quality, very roomy for all my things, the price is decent, and the zip top makes it ideal for subway rides (I first started carrying a Longchamp when I lived in New York). 

I keep most of my things in individual pouches so it's not a sea of cosmetics and random items in the bottom of my bag. In addition to my pouches, I always have my wallet (I also like a zip wallet and treated myself to this one during my first official business trip years ago) and a book or some other reading material. Also, side note on reading- I've had a hard time getting into the reading habit after the new year. Not sure why, but it's the reason things have been a bit quiet on the book front here on the blog. Hoping I snap out of it soon. 

Juicy Couture Clutch // Supergoop! Lip Balm // Concealer // Compact // Lipstick

My mom gave me this clutch when I was a freshman in college because in the early 2000s Juicy Couture was everything and carrying a teeny tiny clutch for an evening out was what everyone on my campus did for some reason. After college, I packed this away and then rediscovered it about a year ago and love the throwback of it. And I think it's really pretty. So I keep a lot of my cosmetics in it in my purse.

I always have some sort of lip balm in my bag and recently have been using Supergoop! I love how thick and healing this balm is and the mint infusion is rather refreshing. I also love Rosebud Salve and Vaseline

I always keep concealer in my bag for touchups throughout the day. I don't use it that often so I don't really care what kind it is as long as it matches my skin tone. I've had this Clinique one in my bag for probably too long. 

Obviously you need a compact mirror for lipstick touchups throughout the day. Mine is from Forever 21 so it was probably $1.72 or something equally weird and cheap. But I've linked a nicer, more grown up one above. 

I always have my lipstick du jour in my bag, which is typically MAC in Brave (I raved about it here and have worn it here, here, here and a million other posts). But I have a vast lipstick collection and do try to mix it up. 

Makeup Bag, Kleenex, by Terry Baume de Rose, eos Hand Lotion, Boroleum, Hand Sanitizer, Business Cards and Holder

Forever 21 does the cutest makeup bags, and they are so, so cheap. How cute is this lil mousey bag? I typically avoid Forever 21 like the plague, because I feel inappropriately old in there, but every once in awhile I like to pop in and just see what's going on. Plus Kanye even once said "Rock Forever 21 but just turned 30" so I think it's ok occasionally. 

If anyone would have an opinion on Kleenex it would be me. I can have an opinion on anything even mildly beauty related. Like the true granny I am, I always have some pocket tissues on me in case of sniffles, and I love these because they are so slim and the patterns are pretty cute. 

I received this little sample of by Terry Baume de Rose in a Net-a-Porter order long ago. It's for lips and nails, and if I have misplaced my lip balm I do use it on my lips, but I primarily use it as a pomade for my hair. I have really thick hair that reacts to humidity in a really negative way (think frizzy, big, and loss of any curl). So I use a bit of this on my ends and fly aways to tame my mane. 

My sister makes fun of me, because I always buy eos hand lotion, as if I need a very specific hand lotion, but I actually love this because you can find it anywhere (Walgreens, CVS, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond). So really it's for us basics. But I do love the sleek and slim packaging. 

I debated including this one because it's kind of gross, maybe? But Boroleum is really amazing, and I've recommended it to a lot of fam and friends, and it's kind of changed their lives. And I want to change yours too. Sometimes your nose just feels a bit sore- it happens to all of us. You might be sick or have allergies or your nose is just sore because. This stuff is so soothing, I cannot even describe it. It's just amazing. 

I made business cards for my blog awhile back, because sometimes when I am shooting I'll have people ask me what I'm doing (haha!), and it's nice to have something on hand to give them in case they are that curious. And I needed something to put in my cute Kate Spade card holder, because my actual, income-generating job doesn't require business cards. 

Pencil Pouch, Pen, Checkbook, Listerine Strips, Wet Brush, Evian Spray

I got this Cute Sh*t pencil pouch at one of my favorite bookstores in New York. My favorite, because it was right below my office building so it was convenient, and I bought all my greeting cards there, and in general, I love supporting the smaller bookstores. But how cute and funny is it? I keep most of my boring necessities in this bag though, so the label is actually a bit deceiving.

A pen is a necessity in any purse for a multitude of reasons, and I always keep my checkbook on me. I don't really write that many checks, but I find that when I need to, I feel lucky to have it with me. 

I call Listerine Strips 'strips of fire' because they hurt so bad. Honestly, I don't know why I don't use a more mild mint, but the fact that these basically light your mouth up makes me feel like I brushed my teeth when I don't have a toothbrush on me. 

A long, long time ago I blogged about my love for the Wet Brush. It changed my life. My hair gets so tangly, and it was always a fight to get a comb through it post-shower. But the Wet Brush changed all that. I have multiples now, including this mini version that I keep in my purse.

I think the main reason I love Evian Spray is when I get it out people are like "omg you have to be kidding me!" And I love that kind of reaction. Yes, it ridiculous. It's just water. But it feels refreshing, and I think it makes makeup look a bit fresher when it starts melting off around 2pm.

chunky scarf

chunky scarf

out and about with scout

out and about with scout