shiseido spf

Once I started using my beloved Shiseido moisturizer, I was introduced to a whole slew of Shiseido products. Some I thought were ok, some I really liked, and some (like this SPF) I've come back to again and again. I first started wearing sunscreen on my face everyday after I watched this video a few years ago (seriously take 3 minutes and 7 seconds and watch this video - it's incredible). And I really, really do not want wrinkles. Like ever. 

I love this SPF because it doesn't break me out and because it goes on SO nicely under makeup. A lot of drugstore SPFs (I'm sorry, but I'm looking at you, Neutrogena) go on almost chalky looking and you can kinda sorta see it under your makeup, as if it never actually sinks in. Shiseido's SPF goes on nearly invisible and offers protection all day. I wear it out on the lake all day and remain pretty pale.πŸ˜‚