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summer 2016 to do list

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I'm so happy it's summer! The best time of year! I'm excited to tackle my rigorous to do list this year. πŸ˜‚ See last year's list here.

1. Get in lots of sailing at the lake ⛡️

2. Play lots of tennis 🎾

3. Make fried chicken successfully (a repeat from last year's list because, well, it didn't go so well 😳)

4. Go to a Reds game ⚾️

5. Read, read, read. Summer is reading season! πŸ“š

6. Get my new apt looking reallllllll cute! πŸ’ž

7. Spend tons of time with my family & nephew & bestie (the perks of being back in the Midwest πŸ‘) 

8. Visit one new city (or maybe an old one ❀️)

9. Try every restaurant on this list (I already have a head start on it with this one and this one - both fab!)

10. Take advantage of that PTH whenever I can (Peak Tanning Hours - duh!) β˜€οΈ

baby doll

baby doll

from the books :: the yonahlossee riding camp for girls