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my favorite podcasts

I have become OBSESSED with podcasts in the last few months. I listen to them all the time- commuting in the car, while washing my hair, doing my makeup, even just laying in bed! I find them so interesting, and it's strangely calming listening to someone else talk. Below are my current favorites. 

This American Life : By far, without a doubt, my absolute favorite. Ira Glass is a genius and is such a pleasure to listen to. Each weekly episode has two to three stories that follow a theme. Every week This American Life makes me laugh, cry, smile, think. I feel like I have learned so much about people and the world we live in from this podcast. Try it- you'll be hooked. 

Serial : This is the podcast that got me hooked on podcasts in general. Season One is so incredibly compelling. It reinvestigates a murder that occurred in 1999 and profiles Adnan Syed, the man convicted. I finished all 12 episodes in two days. Season Two was slower to start for me, but once I got to episode three I was into it!

What I Wore When... - An Official Glamour Podcast : Of course I listen to at least one fashion related podcast! Glamour has been my longtime favorite magazine, and they do a really good job with this podcast. Each episode profiles a woman and what she wore during a pivotal moment in her life - landing a job, getting divorced, having a child - and a lot of the women are very familiar names - Bethenny Frankel, Rebecca Minkoff, and Ashley Tisdale to name a few. There are only ten episodes, but I hope Glamour adds to them someday. 

The WDW Radio Show - Your Walt Disney World Information Station : Guys, this one is super nerdy, and I'm kind of embarrassed to even include it, but I listen to it all the time. The host's name is Lou Mongello, and the podcast is basically just him and his friends geeking out about Walt Disney World. But it makes me happy, and I love Disney, so I listen and take notes (seriously I have a page in my notes app dedicated to stuff I hear in this podcast). Give it a try if you love Disney- it's not for everyone but you might enjoy it

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