a few favorites

It's been a bit since I shared a few favorites so here ya go! πŸ’— Hope everyone has a cozy, fun lil weekend!

I've been making this banana bread a lot the last 6 months. It's honestly the best recipe I've ever found for this old standby, and I got it out of one of my favoritesSouthern Living's Comfort Food. (I'm sorry, guys, I've scoured the interwebs, but I can't track down the recipe so order the book - it's a really, really good one.) You add a quarter cup of either vanilla or strawberry yogurt which I think makes it so delicious (I've tried both, and I personally like the strawberry best, but there is some debate in my family on this one #housedivided). Also, the cookbook recommends eating it in a cereal bowl with milk poured over it, and my conclusion on it: THIS IS HOW BANANA BREAD IS MEANT TO BE CONSUMED. How did I never know of this

Has there ever been a more hilarious before and after?! I love my cat (like she's BFF status which I rarely talk about, because, well, #catlady), and I've had her for 5 years now (she's an oldie though - I adopted her when she was 10). I get her shaved about twice a year because #somuchfur, and she frankly loves being naked. I took her to All Creatures in Anderson, and it is the.best.cut she has ever had. If you live in Cincinnati and are in the market to get your cat shaved (wow, that got real specific) then All Creatures is the place. πŸ‘

Sometimes I consider myself a low maintenance gal, until I say things like "I wear designer deodorant." But I do and I am not ashamed and I am not low maintenance (not in the least). If dreams were made of deodorant, it would smell like Donna Karen's Cashmere Mist. What does a cashmere mist smell like you ask? I cannot put it into words, but when you smell this deodorant you will say yes, yes, that is a cashmere mist. I'd always worn drugstore deodorants, and they worked, but not well, as most drugstore products tend to do. But this stuff works so well and the scent will make you want to double it up as a perfume (lucky for us though, it comes in a perfume so you won't have to).