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I recently read the article The Pleasure of Reading Recipes, and I really identified with it.  Take the time to read it- it's a great article.  I love my cookbook collection and every time I get a new one, I love to sit on the couch and flip through it- looking at the pictures, reading the recipes that pique my interest, reading notes from the author.  So I thought I would share four of my favorite and most used cookbooks in this edition of From the Books.  

Betty Crocker: My mom gave me this cookbook for Christmas one year when I was pretty fresh out of college.  I knew very little about cooking and this book has great tips on cooking basics and different types of food.  I think Betty Crocker has some of the best recipes around.  I am never disappointed by the flavor, and I love that this book is a three ring binder so I can take out a page when I'm cooking- makes it so easy!

Southern Living Comfort Food: Southern Living is hands down my go-to for recipes.  I have over half a dozen of their cookbooks and subscribe to the magazine, and I have never once made a recipe I haven't enjoyed.  This book is probably my favorite, although not my most used (that would be Southern Living Quick Fixes with Mixes).  SL Comfort Food has some amazing comfort food recipes.  My favorite is the chili dog recipe- it's like restaurant quality! 

Serves One: I lived by myself for five years, and I still wanted to make delicious meals for myself rather than eating boxed mac and cheese every night (definitely guilty of it from time to time though!) I found this cookbook at Barnes and Noble and have loved a lot of the recipes.  They are simple and easy to follow with a lot of great tips on cooking for one (like "buying olives by the ounce at the deli counter or grains from bins in a health food store allows you to fine-tune the quantities of food you take home" - genius!) 

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream at Home: I have an ice cream maker and always struggled with making ice cream that tasted as good as store bought, until I went on a tour at Hay Rosie in Brooklyn, and the owner suggested this book.  This is such a fun cookbook and a great read.  The recipes are things I would never think of (like Sweet Corn and Black Raspberry Ice Cream - umm yes, please!)  And they always turn out delicious! 

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